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Unfinished commercial building at Picard

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Picard, 2 miles south of Portsmouth, is home of the Ross University School of Medicine. The building being offered for sale here is located less than one mile south of Ross University and about 150 ft off the main public road. With presently only 1 residential house and 4 rental cottages in close proximity, the property offers privacy without being secluded.

The building measures 56 ft x 56 ft and sits on 6000 sq ft of land. It is subdivided into 3 partitions or apartments. One partition consists of 2 rooms, bath and kitchen and measures 54 ft x 19 ft. The other two partitions each consist of 1 room, bath and kitchen and measure 54 ft x 14 ft each.
The house is solidly built using reinforced concrete and constructed to resist hurricanes. It is designed for building up to 3 additional stories; 2 steps leading to an intended upper storey are already in place.
The building is about 75% completed. Partly concluded is the electricity, plumbing and flooring. Electricity has been set for dual voltage 110/220V. Doors and some windows are not yet in place. The bathrooms and kitchens are still to be furnished.
The property is connected to mains water while the nearest utility pole is only a few yards away.

Once finished, this multipurpose building can generate a steady income. It is suitable for apartments which are easily rented to students and even more so to personnel of Ross University, who may prefer not to live in the midst of student housing. Alternatively, it could be utilized for housing offices of one’s choice.

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