2.9 Acres Organic Land at Belles

  • US$56,000 / EC$152,000
  • Property Type:
  • Acres: 2.9

Here we have a lovely piece of agricultural land situated at Stonehill, Belles.  Perfect for the for the eco-conscious buyer, the land has been managed organically using no chemicals for the past 8 years.

The 2.9-acre property boasts 443 of road frontage beginning with a nice flat section and then sloping moderately down to the western boundary. The lush vegetation found here includes shrubs, trees and some grassy areas. A number of fruit trees including breadfruit, lemon, plantain, coconut, avocado, papaya and guava are currently planted in this very fertile soil. The environmental conditions here are ideal for growing many types of things and the cooler temperatures found in the interior are very pleasant.

The land is a 15 min drive from the main road and accessed via a motorable dirt road.

Utilities such as electricity and water are not yet present. Solar electricity would be an ideal option for off the grid living along with water collection as there is an abundance of rainfall in this area.

Belles is centrally located between Roseau and the airport. It is approximately 40 mins drive to Roseau and about 40 mins to the airport.

Considering that the land is currently owned by a company, there are significant savings in fees for the buyer who will purchase the company including the land.

The price is very attractive at only EC$65,300 EC$56,000 or US$24,300 US$19,300 per acre.

Price: US$56,000 / EC$152,000
State:St. Joseph